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Bu Halima's Garden with Tomb in the background

As one approaches Humayun's Tomb from Mathura Road, one passes through a rectangular enclosure with a tomb in its northern half and a gateway on its east. This is the entrance of Bu Halima's Garden.

Nothing is known about Bu Halima and the origin of the garden locally named after the lady but architecturally the enclosure-walls and the gateway of the garden belong to the early Mughal period (16th century). It was certainly built earlier than the Arab-Sarai, the northern wall of which abuts on the plastered exterior of the eastern garden-enclosure.


Bu Halima's Tomb

The garden is enclosed by rubble walls of local quartzite. Its eastern gateway is a simple structure consisting of an oblong main gate­-chamber with octagonal wings.

The central portion of the eastern gateway of Bu Halima's Garden contains an ornamental arched recess, enclosing an arched doorway and a superimposed balcony-window supported by four brackets. The facade was once decorated with brilliant coloured tiles, very little of which are still extant. As in other monuments in the Humayun's Tomb complex, very little of the tile inlay work has survived the ravages of time and mankind.

At the north-east and north-west corners of the enclosure-walls are octagonal bastions, surmounted by small domed chhattris with glazed tile work. The dilapidated structure in the north corner of the garden enclosure is said locally to contain the grave of Bu Halima.



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