Qutb Complex, -  Alai Minar


1 Quwwat-ul-Islam Mosque

2 Iron Pillar

3 Qutab Minar 4 Alai Darwaza

5 Alai Minar

6 Iltutmish Tomb

7 Alauddins Tomb and College

8 Imam Zamin's Tomb


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This unfinished minar north of the Qutb-Minar was commenced by 'Allu'd-Din Khalji, but with its extant height of 24. 5 m it had hardly reached its first storey when he died leaving it incomplete. 'Allu'd-Din had doubled the size of the Quwwatu'I-Islam masjid, and his minar was also conceived to be double the height of the Qutb-Minar to be proportionate with the enlarged mosque


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