Qutb Complex, - Allauddin's Madrasa and Tomb


1 Quwwat-ul-Islam Mosque

2 Iron Pillar

3 Qutab Minar 4 Alai Darwaza

5 Alai Minar

6 Iltutmish Tomb

7 Alauddins Tomb and College

8 Imam Zamin's Tomb


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Alauddin's madrasa, lying immediately to the southwest of the Quwwat-ul-Islam Mosque, is now in a dilapidated condition, but it is possible to visualise from a study of its fragmentary remains the appearance of the structure in the days of its founder. The madrasa is built around a simple quadrangular court entered on the north side through a triple gateway of some size, the central bay of which projects somewhat beyond those flanking it. It has been suggested that this madrasa was built by Iltutmish, but according to J A Page, the balance of probability rests with Alauddin. The deciding factor, in his judgment, being the high-drummed domes and the more advanced corbelled pendentive treatment beneath them. These are in distinct contrast to the flat conical Hindu type of dome that supposedly covered the Tomb of Iltutmish originally, and the primitive squinch arches which carried that dome across the corners of the tomb. On the south side of the court is located a large square structure covered originally by a dome, now fallen, which is believed to be the tomb of Sultan Alauddin Khalji. It was marked originally by a boldly projecting portico, of which remains still exist. The concept of a combined madrasa and tomb - probably a Saljuqian tradition makes its first appearance in India here.


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