"'Tigers" is the valiant name by which No. 1 Squadron of the Indian Air Force is recognised. This Squadron was raised on the Ist of April 1933 in Karachi with the Wapiti aircraft. The early history of this Squadron is synonymous with the history of the Indian Air Force.

The story of No. 1 Squadron is a saga of glory and a brilliant record of courage and service. This squadron saw its first action in 1937 during operations in what was then the North West Frontier Province.

This squadron was presented with the Lysander aircraft by the citizens of Bombay and ever since has been known as the ‘Bombay Squadron’. The unit took part in the ‘Burma Campaign’. The ‘Tigers’ entered the Jet Age when they acquired Vampire Air Craft and again in 1957 when they marched ahead and converted the aircraft to Mysteres. In 1961 this squadron flew ‘Strike and Patrol missions’ for the liberation of Goa and during the lndo-Pak conflict. By July 1966 this squadron was enriched with the supply of the supersonic mach-2 Mig-21 Aircraft. No. 1 Squadron has had the distinction of being the first squadron of the Indian Air Force to be presented with the President's Colours in 1968.

The Indo-Pak war of 1971 was the 11th major operation for this unit and it was during this time that the officers of this unit were honoured for their valour and bravery fetching them 1 AVSM, 1 Veer Chakra and three VSM. In 1986 the ‘Tigers’ went in for their third conversion and acquired the Mirage-2000 Aircraft and are carrying on yeoman services to the nation in the true heroic traditions of the Indian Air Force.

The stamp commemorates the Diamond Jubilee of the oldest squadron of the Indian Air Force - No.1 Squadron.

Date of Issue: 1.4.93