The Remount Veterinary Corps, one of the oldest services of the Indian Armed Forces, completes 215 years of long and distinguished service this year.

Since its inception in 1779 as ‘Stud Department’ the Corps has undergone a series of organisational changes including the creation of the Army Veterinary Department in 1826 followed by the Horse Breeding Department in 1876. The Indian Army Veterinary Corps was raised in 1920 along with the establishment of two Army Veterinary Schools. With the partition in 1947, most of the horse breeding areas and Studs went to Pakistan, but the Corps responded with resilience and vigour to overcome the setback and make a new beginning. The Mil. Vet. Laboratory was shifted from Lahore to Lucknow, the Remount & Veterinary departments were amalgamated to form the Indian Remount Veterinary Corps (IRVC), and the RVG Centre & School, which imparts professional training to officers and men besides breeding, rearing and training of dogs, shifted to Meerut.

The Corps has seen action during both. the World Wars, and after Independence it took part in the J&K operations (1947-48), NEFA 1962 and in the Indo-Pak wars of 1965 and 197 1. Recently the Corps gave support to the Indian Peace Keeping Force in Sri Lanka and is presently a part of the. Indian contingent of UN Forces in Somalia. In recognition of its glorious contribution, the Corps was presented ‘Colours’ by the President of India on 21st December 1989.

Today, the Corps, which contributes to the logistic needs of the Armed Forces, is proud of its highly competent and well organised infrastructure in the equine and canine fields. The breeding of specialist horses for equestrian sports and training of dogs to meet the emerging security needs has, of late, acquired particular significance. In its pursuit of excellence and dedication to the motto ‘Service to animals is our Duty’ the Corps is constantly engaged in upgrading its professional capabilities and honing the skills and endurance of its officers and men.

Stamp issued to commemorate the 215 years of the Remount Veterinary Corps. 

Date of Issue: 14.12.1994