In the annals of arms the Kirantis have a place of honour. To these Khukri wielding hill men soldiering comes almost natural. They are a class by themselves and have held their own in the Indian Army.

The Eleventh Gorkha Rifles is the first infantry and only Gorkha Regiment to have been raised post independence. Raised on 1st January 1948 with two Battalions, the Regiment has grown to a six-battalion group and one Territorial Army Battalion.

During the 50 glorious years of its existence the Battalions have underlined their presence by taking active part in the major operations engaged in by our country such as in the 1948 operations, the Regiment participated in the forefront and thereafter did magnificent work during the swift police action in Hyderabad. During the 1965 operations the Battalions of the Regiment acquitted themselves well with exploits of valour.

Once again during the 1971 lndo-Pak War, all Battalions took active part in some of the major and decisive battles. While the Battalions won theatre honours, the Second and the Fifth Battalions were awarded Battle Honours- Shingo River Valley and Bogra, respectively.

The Regiment has excelled not only in the theatre of war, but also in counter-insurgency operations and as part of Indian Peace Keeping Force in Sri Lanka. The First and Second Battalions have been awarded the Unit Citation by the Chief of the Army Staff in recognition of their service in counter-insurgency operations. They have been in the lead in adventure sports having had their men atop challenging peaks like Everest, Kamet, Noukun, Devban amongst other.

The Regiment primarily recruits Rais and Limbus while Tarnangs, Pradhans, Sunwars, Bhutias, Sherpas and other Gorkha tribes make up the balance. Their battle cry causes trepidation in the hearts of their foes and they have always risen to their motto "Nisswarth Kartavya" or "Selfless Service".

Stamp issued to mark Golden Jubilee of the Eleventh Gorkha Rifles.

Date of Issue: 2.1.98