The President's Body Guard (PBG) was raised in 1773, by the then Governor General of India, Warren Hastings. The Body Guard unit was initially known as The Governor's Troops of Moguls' in 1773. Later from 1784, it came to be known as ‘The Governor General's Body Guard'. Again from 1950 onwards, it is called "The President's Body Guard”. The troopers of this distinguished regiment are an amalgamation of hardy sons of the soil with a minimum height of 6 feet and exacting physical standards. The men of the bodyguard are expert horsemen, adept at ceremonial punctilio, trained combat paratroopers and armoured vehicle crewmen. The horses of the PEG are all Bay in colour, except for that of the Regimental Trumpeter, who traditionally is always mounted on a Grey charger. These regal steeds have the distinction of being the only horses in the Indian Army that are permitted to wear full mane. They have a blue saddle cloth with a sheep skin ring on the saddle. The Sowar carries a Lance with a red and white pennant, the red over white of the pennant signifying "Blood Before Surrender". The traditional uniform and accoutrements of the men and horses date back to 1890 and lend a regal dignity and spectacle of incomparable colour and pageantry to all ceremonial parades and occasions.

The role of the PBG is two fold, ceremonial and operational. The PBG are the personal troops of the President of India and hence, form an integral part of all state functions. Operationally, the PBG has always responded to the call of duty. This unique band of picked soldiers, in over two centuries of honourable and dedicated service has seen action in various roles, and battlefields. Since Independence, it has seen action in 1965, while detachments of the PEG have served in 'OP PAWAN1 in Sri Lanka/OP MEGHDOOT' on the Siachen Glacier, besides also having seen service in Somalia, Angola, Sierra Leone. Seeing its multifaceted role, it is thus befitting that the PBG has the unique distinction of being the only military unit in The Indian Army, privileged to carry the President's Silver Trumpet and Trumpet Banner. The Badge of the PBG comprises the State Symbol, an open parachute, supported by crossed lances. The crest thus symbolises its cavalry and airborne role. The colours of the Regiment are sky Blue and Maroon the same as those of airborne troops.

The President's Bodyguard on their resplendent mounts, has created an aura of splendour and dignity, casting a bewitching spell on all who behold them . Professionally honed with precision, trained to perfection and led with valour, this small body of picked men are ever ready to serve the Nation and its SUPREME COMMANDER with fidelity, dedication and sacrifice and thus to live upto its motto 'BHARAT MATA Kl JAI' or VICTORY TO MOTHER INDIA'.

Date of Issue: 16.11.1998