The 200 years of history of the battalion commences with its raising at Badgaon on 30 Nov. 1798 as 1/16 Bengal Native Infantry. In the course of the next 152 years, this designation was to be altered eight times - in 1824 as 33rd Bengal Native Infantry, in 1861 as the 4th Bengal Native Infantry, in 1885 as 4th Regiment of Bengal Infantry, in 1890 as 4th (Prince Albert Victor's) Bengal Infantry, in 1897 as 4th (PAV) Rajput Regiment of Bengal Infantry, in 1921 as 2/7th Rajputs, in 1945 as 2nd Battalion The Rajput Regiment (PAV) and finally as 2nd Battalion The Rajput Regiment in 1950.

In 1803, a mere five years after its raising, the battalion fought its first battle at the pass of Leswaree ousting the French from North India. The battle honour 'Leswaree' was conferred on the unit .Thereafter, the unit participated in numerous campaigns, the battles of Kalenjra, Kalunghar, Nahun, Rampore and Gwalior being the most prominent. The seize and capture of Bharatpur Fort alongside 1 Rajput in 1825 earned the battalion its second battle honour 'Bharatpur'.

The battalion earned its third battle honour 'Kabul 1842' operating as the vanguard of the British Expeditionary Force during the First Afghan war. During the period 1845 to 1846, the unit was again in the forefront of the First Sikh War, where it earned its fourth and fifth battle honours- 'Ferozeshah' and ' Sobraon’. The sixth battle honour -' Afghanistan 1870 - 80 ' was conferred on the unit during the second Afghan war. Thereafter, for its impressive performance in the upper Burma Campaign, the seventh battle honour' Burma 1885- 87 ' was awarded.

figures of 4 officers, 7 JCOs and 270 OR killed in this action is an imprint of its valour and gallantry. In 1965, the battalion moved into J&K and captured Ziarat and Ring Contour in the Tithwal Sector.

In 1971, the battalion cleared the Belonia Bulge, captured Choudagram and advanced to Chandpur, thereby earning its ninth battle honour 'Belonia'. During the period 1972-1998, the unit was constantly deployed in combating militancy in the North East, Punjab and J&K.

Date of Issue: 30.11.1998