The Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO), established in 1958, is devoted to the design, development and integration of state-of-the-art Defence systems. DRDO's chain of 51 laboratories covers a wide spectrum of disciplines like Aeronautics, Missiles, Armaments, Armoured Fighting Vehicles, Advanced Computing and Software, Electronics, Materials, Naval Systems and Life Sciences.

DRDO has developed a state-of-the art Main Battle Tank (ARJUN) with superior fire power, mobility, protection and very low silhouette. In addition, the development of mechanically launched Bridging System and Bridge Layer Tank (BLT), accepted by the Army for induction, has enhanced the mobility of troops in the battlefield. Surface-to-surface missile, PRITHVI with a range of 150 kms for the Army is under production. PRITHVI for the Air Force, with a range of 250 kms, has been developed. The reentry technology demonstrator system AGNI has also been successfully flight tested.

Light Combat Aircraft (LCA) incorporating state-of-the-art technologies is undergoing pre-flight testing and will be inducted into service by the year 2003. Remotely Piloted Vehicle is in the final phase of development and re-usable pilotless target aircraft (PTA) has been accepted for induction by all the three Services. The development of portable Satellite Communication Terminals, Very Low Frequency (VLF) receivers, Secure Telephone (SECTEL), Night Vision Devices etc. have provided valuable support to the capability of the Services. Indra Radar with pulse compression features for detecting low level aerial targets has been developed for the Air Force. DRDO has developed cost effective, high performance 1.7 giga flops capacity, parallel processing Super Computer 'Pace Plus' for solving critical computational fluid dynamics problems. Marine acoustic research ship SAGAKDHWANI has been developed and is being used for collecting useful ocean data.

DRDO has also endeavoured to improve the food quality and living conditions of combat soldier, especially in high altitude, hot deserts and in tropical climates.

Extreme Cold Climate Clothing and NEC Protective Clothing have been developed and productionised. Institutionalised initiatives have been taken to ensure that the spin-of benefits of Defence technologies reach the common citizens. DRDO technologies are now being used for bio-medical devices such as eye lasers, early cancer detection system 'Cytoscan', cardiac catheter, coronary stent, cardiac pace maker, coronary stress test systems etc. and many other applications such as providing potable water in 25 villages in Banner district of Rajasthan and greening of cold deserts of Leh.

The Department of Posts is pleased to issue a stamp to commemorate the successful efforts made by Defence Research and Development Organisation to enhance self-reliance in the Defence systems.

The Stamp depicts LCA, PTA and PRITHVI in flight; ARJUN, in foreground with INDRA radar and the experimental ship in background.

Date of Issue: 26.1.1999