The Territorial Army raised in 1949 is essentially a Citizensí Army. It is composed of persons who are not professional soldiers, but civilians eager to contribute their spare time in the service of the country by enrolling themselves in the Territorial Army. This discipline is designed to give young persons an opportunity to receive military training in their spare time without disturbing their normal vocations and to familiarise them with the use of arms so that they will be in a position to join the ranks of the combatants whenever called upon to do so.

Being a second line of defence it has played during the 25 years of its existence a commendable role in the service of the country during peace and in war. Just as the trained and disciplined manpower of the Citizensí Army is available for military service during a national emergency it is available in the aid of the civil administration in times of need.

Stamp issued to commemorate the Silver Jubilee of the Territorial Army. The emblem of the Territorial Army has been adopted as the motif on the stamp.

Designed by Benoy Sarkar

Date of issue: 16.11.1974